Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canyon's Edge

About three years ago, the guys in my family went on a hardcore hiking trip into the mountains, we brought tents, few clothes, water purifiers, and other accessories we needed to survive. It was time for us to prove our man cards!

We hiked up mountains, crossed spring streams, set up camp, and gathered wood. As I gathered wood I noticed a deep, crystal clear, melt-off stream next to our camp. When we had everything set up, I stripped down and went swimming in it. As I jumped in my heart nearly stopped. The water was near freezing and had ice around the edges....After about 5 minutes I raced out and dried off by a fire with a handkerchief. It was such a crazy experience but there was much more in store for us. The next day as we were hiking, we reached one of our goals, to see one of the largest canyons in America!

In the afternoon sunlight, the limestone in some areas glowed but the bottom of the canyon was near shrouded in darkness. It was a remarkable scene not easily forgotten. Reaching +700ft in some areas, this canyon was astounding to see. To be able to stand on its edge and look straight down was a scary thing.

This view, though not obvious, is a straight +600ft drop off to the river below. It was an exhilarating moment to get this photo. As I took this photo, my hand was shaking so bad I nearly dropped the camera. It was so crazy, but so worth it. 

A great trip, an awesome experience, and a crazy bunch of photos!

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