Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stockpiling #9 (Survival)

Let's just say...minecraft is awesome. I have a survival world that I've been playing and updating this blog on, and I've been having a LOT of fun.

So far I wasted a ton of time and built a titanic tower, gathered too many resources, established routes through the nether and more. What was once a house has now turned into a mini-colony. I have made many advances since about a week ago. Most of them are in resource gathering and tool improvements.

My improvements include:

  • Improved stone paths around the colony
  • Organized mining area, reached by a nether transportation system
  • Dock and bridge at the nearby river

  • Respiration III, Protection II, Aqua Affinity I diamond helmet
  • Protection IV diamond chest plate
  • Fire Protection IV diamond leggings
  • Feather Falling IV, Protection II diamond boots
  • Sharpness III, Knock-back III, Fire Aspect II, Looting III diamond sword
  • Power IV, Flame I, Punch II bow

  • Additional anti-creeper cat sentries
  • Silk touch and Fortune III picks
  • 85 diamonds
  • 5 stacks of gold ingots
  • 6 stacks of iron ingots

Thats pretty much all the improvements I've made, save a few little tid-bits of un-newsworthy material. I've had a lot of fun making these improvements. Also, if you were wondering, the only was I was able to enchant my weapons so high was by using my zombie/skeleton grinder I made. Other than that, there is not much else to say! Like, comment, share, and above all else...please give some feedback, thanks!

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