Monday, March 5, 2012

The Best Commercial I've Seen

The First Time I Didn't Skip After 5 Seconds....

This is not my usual thing to do, but I ran across this before watching a minecraft video... As usual, I was staring at the countdown button, waiting for my video to play when I saw a glimpse of something sparkly in the ad..It caught my fancy and I watched the remaining 3:30 minutes...I was captivated to say the least....My eyes did not leave the screen. The pure genius and artistic display conveyed without the use of any words was amazing. I was drilled to my seat watching it. I could talk about the whole video but you're going to have to watch it for yourself...what an amazing commercial!

I would suggest you watch the video in higher quality to get the full effect, the site for L'Odyssee De Cartier is: L'Odyssee De Cartier

What a work of art to say the least...


  1. Dude, I saw that same commercial on Youtube the other day, and I did the same thing, just sat there and watched it all the way through! Definitely a work of art... its truly magnificent, I have to say. Honestly, I think its almost unparalleled.

    1. Not something you expect to see as an ad!