Monday, March 12, 2012

The Colony Grows (Survival #7)

It has been about a week since I gave you guys the sneak peak on what's going on in my survival world. Here is the moment that you've all been waiting for, the Blogger World update!

I did a LOT of construction, resource gathering, building blueprints, and more. All of that, and two or so weeks worth of work has yielded this: my massive survival tower!

Besides the sheer size of the structure, stretching far past the clouds, I updated many other things in this world. Features include:
  • A chicken farm
  • Interior decoration for multiple levels (shows the kitchen)

  • A nether portal
  • Larger stockpile of diamonds, gold, and iron
  • A pink sheep farm (found two pink sheep during my explorations)
  • Organized storage room
  • Located ocelots
  • An elegant bedroom
  • Explored nearby land
  • Created an magic room (enchanting, potions, and nether portal)
  • Bred wolf and ocelot guardians positioned around my territory for protection

There it is, my progress for you guys in the Blogger World! I hope you all enjoy it. My next steps in the future are going to be: Locate a nether fortress, locate abandoned mineshafts, and make a nether portal transportation system. If my itinerary changes I'll let you guys know in the next progress post. If enough people ask for the world file, I will end up sharing it later on. Well that's all guys, never dig down!

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