Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good News and Bad News (Survival #5)

Well it has been multiple, multiple days since I last updated you guys on my dedicated survival world (like 4 days?.......). Anyways, as expected, progress has been made in turning my wilderness hut into a beautiful home. I did a lot of tree farming (like 15 stacks of wood), did a lot of construction, went exploring, went mining, swam in lava a few times...and in the process ended up carving out quite a nice piece of property.

Features now include:

  • A stair system that ascends from sea level, up the mountain, over a waterfall, and to my doors, 
  • Another lodge that is connected to the first one by a sky-bridge
  • A tiered mountain farm
  • A large room with bay windows
  • I'm raising few baby wolves!

As expected, I've taken pictures all along, so here are the notable ones!

Here is a cliff-face view of my second expansion

This is an arial view of the grounds, the mountain staircase begins at around the middle of the picture

Here is a part of my tiered mountain farm, it functions great (It was inspired by Incan farming)

Overall I'm excited with my progress. I'm still open to anyone's suggestions as to what I should do yet, so leave a comment!

 I do have some bad news to report: during my ming excursions I lost over 16 diamonds/ diamond gear. It was so frustrating encountering lava every 4 blocks during my strip mining...so I ended up being lazy and careless and I payed for it. I still have some diamond tools but I'm lacking any raw diamonds... 

My next task is to gather as many diamonds as possible and build an enchanting table. I'll keep everyone posted later on! "Blogger World" is turning out to be awesome!

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