Thursday, February 9, 2012

Minecraft Snapshot (12w06a)

So I come home from school, check the minecraft forum and tadah! A new snapshot is released. Minecraft snapshot 12w06a was posted for testing. Here is a list of features I saw on the page, and some I noticed playing.

  • The weird double door effect is finally fixed...
  • Bug fixes of course
  • Mobs drop rare items! (Metal ingots, weapons, tools, etc.)
  • Villages now have chests with loot

  • Cats make noises. meow
  • Mobs move better in water

  • Most significant change: Zombies can now break down wooden doors on hard mode
  • And of course more villager AI
  • Mine shafts appear to generate floors over caverns now

This snapshot appears to be pretty significant. Rare drops from mobs adds more gameplay, who knows exactly what drops there are! Zombies breaking down doors (maybe player-placed blocks later) is almost a game changer. Moats just got a lot more useful!

Snapshot link here: Minecraft Forum Post

If you know noticed any other features, comment, I want to know! Godbless

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