Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Snowboarding

So yesterday was one of those days where you end up doing something awesome. I went up to Whitetail Mountain and went snowboarding for like the first time ever. At first I looked like a dumpling slipping and sliding down the hill. Eventually though, I got the idea that I needed to carve... So 2 hours and 40 falls later I could hold my own on the bunny slope. Lucky for me, I had a 8 hour lift ticket so I nailed some slopes later on!

The first real slope I went on was a long icy run that snaked back and forth. I was going so fast and I nailed all of my turns. I was so proud of myself. Too bad I ate the ice at the bottom... After a while I got the hang of it. I started going down the blue diamond slopes and got some air off the moguls. Even though I pretty much annihilated my body, by the end of the day I was shredding the expert slopes.

I'm glad I wasn't being filmed, because it probably would have popped my bubble of how good I looked... Regardless, I had an amazing time. For the first time snowboarding legit.... I'm pretty stoked. I would definitely go again. By the way, Whitetail Ski Resort was a great place to go. I would suggest it to anyone who is new to snow sports and would like to try it out. Here is a link: Whitetail Ski Resort

On the way back, the wind and snow was getting pretty crazy...We flew around this corner in the middle of the woods and found a broken down car on the side of the road. We stopped to check it out and there turned out to be 3 dudes who just came from the mountain in we took two trips, taking them to the local town and helping them out. When we got back on track it was around 10:30. We still hadn't eaten so we grabbed some food from Olive Garden and headed home. About 30 minutes later the snow and wind got so crazy that our car started drifting a little. We made the to call and hole up for the night at some random hotel. It was around 12:30 when I finally got to bed. I was so tired I just slept in my clothes and my bruised and battered body just stopped moving for 8 hours till we left in the morning. And guess what...we checked the roads in the morning, there was about 1cm of snow on them. We could have made it perfectly fine...Oh well that's how life turns out, but I had a great time boarding and I would do it again in a second. Well at least when my body heals.

And here you go, this is one of my favorite snowboard videos beast. Check it out.

Maybe you will see more of me snowboarding in the future...Godbless!

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