Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mountain Estate (Survival #4)

Well here you go, an update on some progress I've made in my survival world. I went mining, got lava'd a couple of times, slayed some beasts, went exploring, fixed my house up a bit, and organized my materials. Since I am a fan of photography, I have a habit of cataloguing my minecraft adventures with screenshots which I then file if they are worth keeping.

These are two pictures I thought were noteworthy:

This first one here is my water-matic wheat farm. It works wonderfully!

And here is famed pink sheep I discovered while out exploring! This is the second one I've ever seen.

My next project is gathering tons of wood and cobblestone. I am planning on building an extremely large tower lodge. It's inspired by Swiss ski lodges so I think it'll be interesting. My project is on a pretty large scale, but I think I can handle it. Leave any comments for things I should add to my world! Thank guys!

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