Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Minecraft Snapshot (12w07a)

A new snapshot is out for minecraft! Minecraft snapshot 12w07a is up for testing and it adds some great new content. (Just make sure you back up your save files for this changes a lot of the structure underneath the game)

  • Village chests now contain better loot
  • Animals now have new AI system 

  • Rare mob drops are decreased :(
  • Villagers now mate and reproduce if their population is down

  • On the processing side, chunks are now generated as cubes (This will greatly increase map generation)
  • Map hight now at 256!
  • New world file format called "Anvil" (changes a lot of generation and processing structuring)
  • New block: Redstone Lanterns-Require redstone energy source to light (Brighter than torches)

This appears to be all for this snapshot! I, personally, am excited for Minecraft 1.2 to come out. I nearly left the game after "The End" was added because there just wasn't enough content to keep me going. But the development team at Mojang seems to picking themselves back up! Lets review, so far they've added jungles, ocelots, a new potion, fireball, new AI, higher terrain, new blocks, rare drops from mobs, chests in villages, jungle wells, and other new tidbits. Minecraft 1.2 is looking to be an exciting update so far. It sure has kept my interest up in the game, let's see what they come up with next.

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