Monday, February 13, 2012

From the Old to the New (Survival #1)

That's right, it's monday and there is nothing more annoying than nearly missing your bus in the morning and listening to random kids screaming about random stuff while you're half asleep. Luckily for me, school is over and I can come home and do what any normal kid wants to do to relax...Minecraft.

So I started a new world, it's survival mode and I'm excited to see whats going to happen.  I was exploring the mountains and I was reminded yet again why this game is so freaking awesome...

I decided to name it "Blogger World" because I will keep this blog updated on what's going on in it!

This is such a beautiful landscape especially since it is procedurally generated! Regardless, I kept going and I built a base somewhere. Super fundamental, I plan on playing this one for a while so let me know what kind of things you'd like to see me do in the future. I've played this game for so long so I need some new inspiration. I have played on an old survival world for quite some time and I'm not going to play it again so I'll put up some pics as a memorial to what great fun it was. Here they are!

My main castle

Different angle

 View of the grounds

 Servant's  quarters

 Trophy room

View of garden from balcony

My epic mineshaft to bedrock


Well there are the highlights of my my main survival world, hopefully my new one will be bigger better and crazier. Leave comments on what you would want to see!

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